Gluten Free Pizza in Boulder

26 Aug

So far, I have had GF pizza at Beaujo’s, Carelli’s, ModMarket, and The Sink. I also make GF pizza crusts at home, but this post is about where to get it at restaurants.

I’ll start with Beaujo’s because they get their crusts from Deby’s in Denver and I have met the owner of Deby’s. Monica has been working hard for years now to make tasty gluten free products and I believe she was one of the first local GF bakers to get her pizza crusts into restaurants in the Denver area. Beaujo’s takes the Deby’s crust and tops it with anything you like – made to order. It is good pizza and they also serve Green’s GF beer, which I adore. This crust is pretty thin, but not really crispy. The flavor is good, but not the absolute best. I eat pizza here because it’s close to home, is a fun place to eat, and hubby can get his favorite calzone while I have my GF pizza.

Carelli’s gets their crusts from Sweet Escapes in Longmont, CO. I have met the owner of this company also and she has made great strides in bringing gluten free breads, desserts, and pizza crusts to many area restaurants. I’ll only talk about the pizza crust here. This crust had a good flavor and was thin and crispy. I have heard rumors that she uses modified starch in some of her recipes. I don’t tolerate modified starches well, even tapioca and potato starches. I have not confirmed that Sweet Escapes is using a modified starch and there isn’t an ingredient list on the web site. That said, I have felt sick after eating this pizza (with different toppings) on the three separate occasions I have ordered pizza at Carelli’s. I no longer order the pizza there, but Carelli’s does have a nice GF menu, including GF ravioli – but that’s for another post. I recommend this crust with reservations, but you may not have any trouble with it at all.

ModMarket is a pretty new discovery for me. They have very fresh, high quality ingredients so the pizza isn’t cheap. I don’t know where they get there crust (I do believe it is local to the Denver Metro area), but it is a very thin, crispy crust with a nutty flavor. I like it a lot. They cook it in an oven that gives it that wood-fired pizza flavor. My only complaint is that they really skimp on the toppings. They say that “less is more” with the high quality ingredients, but I think they take it a bit too far and it feels like they are cheating the customer a bit on toppings. I have eaten several pizzas there and they are very tasty. Be warned, it is a modern decor and very noisy inside, but cool if you’re into that sort of environment. Oh, and they are very environmentally friendly with menu screens instead of paper – very cool idea!

Finally, we come to the newest discovery in local gluten free pizza — Gluten Free Bistro. Gluten Free Bistro is pretty new in town. It is a Boulder-based company and they make a VERY nice pizza crust, which they are selling to restaurants. They use a slightly different mix of flours than most — coconut flour, buckwheat, brown rice, tapioca, and sorghum — and the result is a thin, chewy, very nutty flavored crust. I had this crust at The Sink, since it’s pretty close to home. It was GOOD. Really good. According to their website, you can find the Gluten Free Bistro’s products at many restaurants, including Adelia’s Street Legal Pizza in Broomfield, Nick-N-Willys (I have to try it there next as I miss Nick-N-Willys pizza a lot — we’ll see if they have cross-contamination issues), Cafe Colore, Radda Trattoria, Antica Roma, Black Jack Pizza, The Gondolier, Pasta Jays, and many more. Go to their web page for the full list.

Apart from the problems I have had with the pizza at Carelli’s, all of these pizza crusts are tasty. I would have to have a head-to-head taste test of Gluten Free Bistro and ModMarket to determine which of those two is really my favorite. If I could get just a little more toppings at ModMarket, they might win out.

Now, get out there and enjoy a gluten free pizza without having to make it yourself!


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