Gluten Free Scones

26 Aug

Gluten Free Blueberry Scones

This is an experiment on scones. I loved the BabyCakes NYC raspberry scones, but can’t tolerate spelt flour. I used Annalise Roberts’ Brown Rice Flour Mix, creating an amalgam of her traditional scones recipe and what I liked most about the BabyCakes’ recipe. The result was a scone with the same great texture of BabyCakes’, with no gluten. Continue reading


Gluten Free Pizza in Boulder

26 Aug

So far, I have had GF pizza at Beaujo’s, Carelli’s, ModMarket, and The Sink. I also make GF pizza crusts at home, but this post is about where to get it at restaurants.

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Gluten Free Beer

21 Aug

Gluten Free BeersBard’s Tale (Minneapolis), New Grist, RedBridge (Budweiser), New Planet (Boulder, CO) Tread Lightly Ale, Estrella Damm Daura (Spain), and St. Peters (England) are the gluten free beers I can find in my area at LiquorMart, Pettyjohn’s, and Superior Liquor. Most of them are decent beers and generally sorghum-based. I have tried them all except Bard’s Tale, which I am planning to rectify this weekend.Strangely, Red Bridge has always given me a migraine within 20-minutes of drinking even half a beer. I don’t know why, but for that reason I don’t drink it. I don’t care for the flavor of New Grist, so I don’t drink that one, either.

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In the beginning…

20 Aug

First, a little background. About 12 years ago, I became really interested in cooking. I went to a culinary school close to home and learned french techniques, pastry techniques, bread techniques, and chocolate making. I almost decided to get a degree in the culinary arts, but decided on Graphic Design instead so I could have cooking as a hobby. With all of the hours I spent in the professional kitchen at the school, I fell in love with bread baking, making my own sourdough starters, ciabatta rolls, olive bread, french bread, lavash, and my all-time favorite, chocolate cherry sourdough.

About five years ago, after struggling with many undiagnosed health issues for a long time, I went on a gluten-free diet at the suggestion of my Chiropractor. What a world of difference it made! The first two years were dismal — every recipe or gluten-free product I tried were awful! Bread heavy as a brick, so dry I could hardly swallow it and tasting like cardboard — not my idea of good food! I’d rather do without than try to eat it.

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